Upper Crust – Goa Garnishes

Monsoons in Goa definately build up an appetite with stunning views. Traverse across the Food Multiverse with a View.

Sit romancing thrashing waves accompanying your dimsums @yazugoa to a bout of contemplation under the centuries old Banyan tree @trccgoa sipping on holistic cocktail ingredients, one is spoilt for choice.

Yazu offers stunning views of Candolim Beach

Serenity paired with fun mixes and small plates in the fields of lush Goa @elephantandco_india Anjuna to a sundowner suspended hammock on Anjuna beach @piscobythebeach (currently) where the mist of the sea touches you with global cuisine to boot.

Dine under a centuries old Banyan tree

Come enjoy Goa this season, We are OPEN for every reason.

Snooze a sundowner away in a hammock on the sea
Lush green views of Anjuna fields

Viva Goa, Viva Upper Crust

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