A visit from the Seven Sisters in Goa

The Assamese Thali @ Soul Chef Goa

A trip to discover the Seven Sisters has been on my bucketlist ever since I can remember.

Manifestation led to friends who curated an Assamese Thali in the heart of Fontainhas @soulchefgoa, bringing their lovely cuisine to the folks of Goa in celebration of ‘Rongali Bihu’ – the spring festival.

For the uninitiated- Bihu is a set of 3 important festivals to the natives of Assam- Rongali Bihu (April)
Kati Bihu (October)
Magh Bihu (January)

Seen in the image is a feast for the God’s. In clockwise fashion, this is what ones tastebuds experienced
▪️Patot Diya Maas (Mustard Steamed fish wrapped in banana)
▪️Black rice pudding (Dessert)
▪️Seasonal greens cooked with baby potatoes
▪️Khorika Gahori (Pork Skewers)
▪️Sunday Assamese Chicken Curry
▪️Xoru Maas Fry atop Joha Rice- a variety from Assam
▪️Raw Papaya Khar
▪️Til Chutney
▪️Aloo Pitka with mustard oil
▪️Chana Dal with coconut shavings
▪️Bilahir omboi (Tomato Chutney)
▪️Black sesame Gelato (Dessert)

The Non Vegetarian Thali – Rs. 1350/-
The Vegetarian Thali – Rs. Rs. 1100/-
(plus applicable taxes)

Honored with a gamosa 😍

In the subsequent image you see me wearing a white cloth. It’s called a Gamosa and is gifted as a symbol of respect. ✨️

The gamosa is essentially made up of two words—‘ga’ which means body and ‘mosa’ which means to wipe.

Gamosa is a “representation of the Assamese culture and something that symbolises love and respect and is ideally used by all irrespective of religious and ethnic backgrounds.”

Thank you for making me feel so special @jedi_parashar @monalisa.boho ❤️ much love your way.

It was a sold out event! Duh! With a spread like this, I hope they make this a curated event on order for people to experience the vibrancy of our lovely nation- India.

P.S. If you in luck you’ll get to taste some home made rice beer.

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