ItsGoa chats with #NolansATwit

Your Name? Nolan Michael Mascarenhas Your loved ones call you: mr.NObody , Nols, Fruitcake Your Instagram handle is: nolansatwit The website or weblink you run is called: You live in Goa at: Porvorim If anyone were to ask you, “What do you do, then what would you say?” I make money via my Edelweiss…

Goa Garnishes in the New Year

2020 indeed, has been the Year of the Rat. While we scurried away to safety in the comfort of our home- The Rise of the Home Chef took prominence with many restaurants having to shut shop due to the pandemic. 2020 bounced back a little, with restaurants opening up while patrons thronged them with support….

Khordad Sal Mubarak!

Still reeling over a celebratory Birthday weekend of Gods and Prophets. While many of us celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi with scrumptious fare and delicacies, our Parsi brethren celebrated Khordad Sal; the birthday of their ancient spiritual leader- Zoroaster also known as Zarathustra. He is credited to being the founder of what we now know as Zoroastrianism….

Something Tart-ish

Over the last few months of quarntine, I’ve been on the down low, stuffing myself with some amazing goodies from many start-ups chefs in the home space as well as food outfits around Goa (for now) Welcome to my #ATwitCanPick series. The #ATwitCanPick Ground Rules:1) All food has been ordered anonymously. 2) All meals have…