#GoaTimes Mixology 101 feat mr.NObody

mr.NObody Featured in Goa Times

When and how did your interest in cocktails develop?
I was someone who really liked alcohol. Growing up as a sports person it was forbidden for my training regiment. However with access to the Hospitality Industry, my Dad encouraged me to try sips of each spirit, if and when the need arose.

How did you learn to make cocktails & master the art of mixology? Did you take up workshops or watch videos or learn from someone too?
Cocktails were the natural evolution when different mixes produced different flavour profiles. Just like a mad scientist at work.

My learning is a daily affair. I’m blessed to meet such talented folks in the industry thanks to my writing and they help me out with their vast knowledge to add to my  skill set. Also with YouTube around and a few connects from industry stalwarts its a fabulous academy to be a part of.

What cocktails do you focus on?
Home grown and home based ingredients. People coming to goa should experience Goa on a plate or glass. I love to play around with different bases keeping Goa in mind. That’s close to my heart.

Have you made cocktails at house parties or gigs etc? Share deets? Also what makes you interested in doing it..What response/feedback do you get from people around you?
I get suckered by friends into ‘Home grown bartender/mixologist’ by default. Don’t think I have a choice, however wouldn’t want it any other way. I love the look on their face pre cocktail and the bliss post consumption.

Are you looking to be more serious into this field and take up opportunities?
I am someone who lives for knowledge. Given my sphere of food and drink, I like to be the silent spectator and swing in when absolutely necessary or dire consequences. This is such an amazing alchemist field with so many magicians around. Happy to play second fiddle and learn from the masters. 

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