Goa Garnishes #Corona21 edition

This issue comes out at our worst Hour. The Hospitality Industry is bleeding with major chains and owners opting to close down operations. In the doldrums would be an understatement, as much as our stalwarts try to keep a brave face. After all, we aim to please.

Food has been a passion for me, some say it runs in my veins while others, my legacy (3 generations and counting).

This edition of #GoaGarnishes happened much before the lockdown, though it was a rather niggling lonely affair- to have me continuously wear my mask (minor paranoia) while I tried to experience these delicacies.

However, this is an ode to the indomitable spirit of the industry. You all are champions and masters of your own craft. Be it a scrumptious ethereal dining experience @tajexoticagoa with their signature dishes, to another beach dining lounge experience serving Modern Indian Haute cuisine @jamminggoat a stone throw away.

A change of scenery took me to the mountain top @hiltongoaresort. The experience seeing a sunset over the rivulets of the Mandovi River was enhanced with freshly baked Crossaints served in molten Hot Chocolate with marshmallows for company. I also learnt the art of consumption courtesy the affable staff and Management Team.

And moving further to @amavigoa
by Chef Sumera who has created gastronomic wonders with her Vegan menu, the journey has been ‘filling’- for lack of a better word.

It’s also a sweet homecoming to see @chefanandasolomon grace the cover with his second coming. I believe he was closely associated with my grandfather in his kitchens of the Taj Mumbai- Chef Masci. Congratulations Chef. So happy to see you in your new avatar outside the Thai Pavillion- an institution you created from scratch.

For now, I urge you to please stay home and be safe. It’s a tall ask, I know. But it’s for the better good. Keep yourself healthy both mentally and physically and I hope to meet many of you amazing folk and dine with some, soon.

Much love & Light

#nolansatwit #foodwriter #goa #GoaGarnishes

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