Happy Paper Planes

I fly like paper,get high like planes….’

Sometimes ‘candidness’ in everything ones does, gets the true uninhibited version of what our souls truly are. At least on most count.

Given our fast pace, well thanks to Covid19-21, Life has taken a minor pause in this ‘speed of light’ world we are used to. This is short lived, the world I’ll forget Corona, a Scar tissue will form post herd immunity and life will carry on to the next pandemic (if we aren’t careful)

This is one human, I made a point to follow post tracing her mannerisms on an extremely crowded beach in Mumbai circa Covid19. Not a care in the world, her eyes engulfed the sky in awe and aplomb- the kind you witness when you discover one’s own Eldorado.

Curiously following her every move, I surrendered myself to her sensory smorgasbord and lost my own in her expressions. And then I see it, a paper plane, soaring high above the sky line.

It arrested and froze her gait in a manner of speaking. Her arms flanked into position as the feeble paper rose up higher with the wind taking it across journeys unknown.

And in that moment, it arrested me too. Enough to share a candy with her and her big sister before we all smile and trudge along our own paths as the evening sets in.

Surrender yourself to moments. It’s the only thing you’ll look back on and realize once your soul decides to pass beyond the said skyline.

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