OOPS Tiramisu 

A cruel joke could be defined when- after a 7 course meal accompanied with exclusive single malts from around the world, you are served this masterpiece. 

I present to you the Oops Tiramisu. This is the genius of Chef Saulo Bacchilega from the Park Hyatt – Goa. 

He playfully comes across and with a mischievous hint in his eyes asks me if the cup is straight or tilted? I reserve my comment till he further explains that while I may be seeing double my senses are well intact and it’s actually a deconstruction of his favourite dish from back home the way Mama made it. Thank god for reserved silence to avoid the foot in mouth syndrome I religiously partake in on multiple occasion. 

I was told everything on the plate was edible so I started testing. Turns out the cup was ceramic indeed (Duh!!? While you maybe quick to judge I have in some places had cups made of white chocolate so you probably couldn’t blame me) and was delicately stuck to the plate with a white chocolate base – genius might I add- more chocolate for me. 

And the focus was the deconstruction. The careful blend of picture perfect presentation. A tiramisu means “pick/lift me up” and rightfully so given the coffee flavoured dessert it is. A systematic dessert to begin with for we all know how careless a tiramisu really can be,hence its need to be layer trapped in a vessel to preseve its visual beauty. Could you  imagine the horror if left to run wild and free? 

It certainly would create chaos with the coffee soaked ladyfingers often called savoiardi  (biscuit mind you, not the vegetable) fighting for supremacy and the mascarpone cheese screaming murder helplessly trying to keep all the elements from ruining the appeal to ones senses.  

A tilted coffee cup post a delectable , intoxicated dinner is all one needed to end this magnificent event on an all time High. (No pun intended) 

Pic courtesy: Nolan Mascarenhas Photography   

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