Wake up and smell The Coffee

A recent conversation with friends led to times of a different life not so long ago.

I used to pride myself as a Coffee aficionado. From my personal Nespresso Machine to maniacal search grids on my travels to try as much of the variety of blends and aromas, my quest was endless.

While many coveted the corner office overlooking the creek back in my time at Corporate, I struck gold when the powers to be assigned my workstation, an arms throw away from the Coffee dispenser. Over the next few years and multiple cups later, Golu happened.

Golu, a youngish Coffee and Tea Vendor trades his wares at BKC train station. Often lost amongst the sea of people surrounding the busy platforms, his claim to fame is his Filter Coffee with Parle G biscuits. If you hit the sweet spot around 5pm there is an exodus of people circling him to get their hands on some hot ‘bhajjiyas’ (lentil morsels packed with onions and chillies deep fired).

A roadside cuppa with Parle-G biscuits

My meeting with a client over extended at a fancy coffee brand, where business was discussed amidst the intoxicating aromatic wafe of blended mochas and freshly ground pods. A sinful indulgence ensued with a Caramel Salted Machiatto with extra caramel laced with crisp Almond Biscotti.

A Caramel salted Machiatto (extra caramel drizzle) with an almond biscotti (consumed)

Pre Covid, this got me thinking about the level of cashless formats and consumerism overload where we would meet up at fancy coffee houses and cafe’s and pay bills that transport us instantly to places abroad when on holiday. Did someone say $ pricing is the new INR?

A simple fix me upper with a classic cup of coffee is all the soul really needs. I guess Covid19 has thought us to Wake Up and smell (all types) of coffee.

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