Christmas already? Mistletoe ready

The weather is playing havoc. In the middle of unrelenting torrential showers and damp musty interiors appears much awaited sunshine. Quite the respite, I must add.

Given the horrid weather these days my drinking preferences have altered to the conventional rum and coke or a neat glass of whiskey. While this may throw upon a somber lull to an even duller mood it’s soothing to the mind not to mention the tastebuds.

At a bar I chanced upon a long lost friend who happened to run this swanky club I kept hearing about on the beach front- Destination One. Little did I know he was in and around town and was man behind the scenes. We regaled our days of yore and ordered each other our favourite drinks while the live band played on. Known as quite the perfectionist with his liquor he suggested we live back those good old days and do something crazy the next time the weather permitted. We used to play this drinking game where we choose a base liquor and has to construct something unique out of it to test our mixology skills. Some creations were disasters some were outstanding. A little like Dexter and Dee Dee in a vast laboratory being our respective bars.

It wasn’t until a few weeks and hundreds of gallons of water later that I got a call one fine sunny morning to hop across for something Christmas like and special. To my pleasure and utmost surprise he has concocted the Mistletoe Strawberry Daiquiri with a batch of fresh strawberries received the day before from Mahabaleshwar.

While most of you are aware the Daiquiri was invented by an American Mining engineer- Jennings Cox who was stationed in Cuba at the time of the Spanish-American war circa 1898. It also happens to be the name of the beach and the iron mine near Santiago,Cuba. Interesting to note the basic recipe for a daiquiri is similar to the grog- British sailors drank aboard ships in the 1700’s which contained rum, water, 3/4 ounce of lemon or lime juice and 2 ounces of sugar. Ice replaced water the minute it was invented.

With a heady whir of the mixer the blend was perfect and a touch of jazz added with the candy cane catapulting me months ahead of time in anticipation for Christmas. With a few belles around the place and a glint in my eye I pondered where the mistletoe was positioned. No luck however to sneak a pucker.

Anyhow guess I’ll have to dust off my mistletoe come this Christmas season and I definitely know what I’m cheering too.

And just like Brenda Lee I’m going to be Rocking around the Christmas tree tonight. Hic hic!! 

Pic courtesy: Nolan Mascarenhas Photography 

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