Cheers to U.s.a 

It’s 5pm and i frantically get a call from the Marriotts requesting my time and palette to attend the ‘Cheers’ American Whiskey tasting event that evening two hours hence. Given the rigidity of events taking place in Goa some would say that the season never left and is still in full swing. Juggling and reorganising schedules is an art, one which I never perfected. So I sheepishly call my host and decline with profuse apology in tow to make it upto them with a cherry gateaux cheesecake. More on that later.

I scurry across in time to meet the host of our event Shatbhi Basu an expert mixologist and lover of all things Whiskey. A woman after my own heart indeed. And to my delight the topic of the hour were an education on my favourite two men Jim Beam and Jack Daniels. 

What followed through the night was eventful to say the least. Try 5 shots of neat sampling some of Jim Beam & Black and Jack Daniels and Gentleman Jack and you would know my palate was thirsty for more. Mind you these were 10 ml shots at best yet it made my head swirl 10 feet high. 

The night wasn’t done to say the least. A vertiginous Union of whiskey infused crushers to peanut butter and Nutella shakes with cardamom hinted apple cider with anecdotes of the origin of these famous brands was something one had to focus on with the tenacity of a high rope acrobat crossing over a snake pit with his eyes blindfolded. He would probably have better luck succeeding with his task. 

With a teleportation to the limestones of Tennessee and the oak casks used it was walk down history boulevard. 

Three cheers for this fabulous night. 

Hic hic hurrah!!!!

Pic courtesy: Nolan Mascarenhas Photography  


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  1. shatbhi basu says:

    Thank you Nolan. So glad you had a good time and enjoyed my madness! Was great meeting you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. nolansatwit says:

      The pleasure was all mine. Thank you for an ever so informative session once again. Look forward to meeting you in goa on your next trip.


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