Pizza & Pie 

It’s pouring in Goa and I mean everything is literally coming down my umbrella included. 

I happened to stand under the shelter of an old Portuguese house in the middle of Panjim city and a friendly voice from above distinguishing me by my infamous umbrella (I have one with Marilyn Monroe on it – sue me I’m Metrosexual) rang out to me to come and dry off at his establishment perched prettily above the shops below- Cafe Mangi. 

Now everyone who knew me before I knew myself knows my love for anything sweet. I could practically carve a meal out of it without second doubt or a hint of remorse towards my bulging waistline. And was I in for a treat. 

Freshly baked off the oven came their famous trials done by their ever jovial chef (considering it was a slow day with not many walk-ins thanks to the horrendous weather) I would consider myself lucky to be caught in the storm that day. 

Apple Pecan Bourbon Caramel Pie -Quite the mouthful eh? What’s harder is having to fight the urge to forge ahead and devour it at sights notice purely at the risk of burning the inners of your mouth cavity. Oh the horror. 

And this carefully placed with a dollop of freshly home made vanilla ice cream with the vanilla pod essence still lingering in the after taste of every bite savoured. 

Apple pecan pie with fresh vanilla ice cream 

While I ate this with glee and delight on my face with a nice cuppa hot chocolate my senses were under threat when I smelt the fresh Alphonso mangoes fast approaching our table. And voila. I was served with nothing but a freshly baked Fruit pizza. It had a fancy Italian name which I can hardly remember (obviously since I was not paying attention- look at it would you in my place manage to curb your enthusiasm to dive right into that sea of cream?) 

This hit all the right spots. Cinnamon crumpled cookie dough base with ounces of cool whip and softened cream cheese with the playful banter of Mangoes, stewed apples and strawberry compote one could obviously have a sinful bite and confess at church the next day. 

Cinnamon cream Fruit Pizza  

Pic courtesy: Nolan Mascarenhas Photography 

All in all I hope to be caught in many more storms if this be the outcome (caveat to note only if there’s a restaurant above me or next to me) 

Buon Appetito….. 

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