I ain’t cussing at all but looking at the image below you wouldn’t mind if I did out of sheer surprise. 

As most of you know -I am a biker. The misnomer of bikers being overtly tattooed long bearded hooligans terrorising the local sheriff whilst drinking loads of beer and eat like H.O.G’s is NOT entirely false. We do eat like there is no tomorrow and leave our gentleman stature at the front door unless it accompanies our appetite with a smooth Jack. 

At this years India Bike Week (yeah the concept is pretty similar to that of Sturgis,Indian dunes,Daytona etc) this is what was recommended by a dear fellow biker friend restauranteur who runs an establishment called #Route66. 

Known for his steaks and burgers with an ample selection of ale his menu selection noted as the grim reaper to ones intestines let alone Cupid to the multiple hearts that beat consuming it. Quite the way to kill one with kindness. 

Aptly called the WTF it is nothing short of a mad scientist at the grills with a heady concoction of a beef burger patty caressing smokey home made bbq secret sauce topped with crispy bacon strips with a handful of sautéed onions. The ‘F’ gets added with jalapeños drizzled with jack cheese sauce topped with char grilled German pork sausage caringly stuffed with cheese. All this fighting for real estate between a butter crusted bun. 

Now let’s wonder who went down the gullet first-the cow or the cheese? 

Pic courtesy: Nolan Mascarenhas Photography   

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