OOPS Tiramisu 

A cruel joke could be defined when- after a 7 course meal accompanied with exclusive single malts from around the world, you are served this masterpiece.  I present to you the Oops Tiramisu. This is the genius of Chef Saulo Bacchilega from the Park Hyatt – Goa.  He playfully comes across and with a mischievous hint…

Angel in a bucket 

At a monastery once in deep conversation, a monk asked me “Do you feel blessed?”  I never really understood the magnitude of that question until a few years on. I am known to be deeply spiritual, far less religious. It took me sometime to fully realize the depth of that answer and it so happened…


I may have been remotely inspired by the 1993 critically acclaimed action classic of Sly Stallone but I have always wanted to feel a rush of adrenaline coursing through my veins.  What better way than descending 300 feet with a feeble rope and minimum safety gear down a waterfall thrashing against jagged rocks beneath.  Even…

‘Roti pe Boti’ 

Literally translated the phrase means ‘Meat pieces on an Indian bread’ This is a serving of succulent intensely marinated mutton pieces with a after zing of freshly chopped chillies and herbs which is first slowly steamed in its own juices and then slightly grilled before the marinade is added. It’s accompanied by ‘green chutney- a…

F’l’ight of the Butterfly 

It’s time like these during hot sweltering noons that beauty unfurls it’s playful self…. Tracked and watched these butterflies a while close enough to get this playful banter between the two.  Lovers tiff or unite?  Pic courtesy: Nolan Mascarenhas Photography  


I love it when the rains set in. It’s like one BIG giant car wash. Everything around springs to life. Just an effervescent glow all around. Captured this over a cuppa coffee.  Hello dear monsoons. Welcome back!!!  Pic courtesy: Nolan Mascarenhas Photography   

The Morning After

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