The Morning After

Ever heard those LIFE inspirational quotes where when one shuts a door a window is opened somewhere?  I ain’t on the verge of a spiritual discourse however given my condition the night before this image it is truly is a wonder I made it through the night without freezing my butt in the rain. 

With hail and brimstone in the middle of nowhere literally I chanced upon this ashram at the stroke of midnight and requested shelter from a rather grumpy priest (wouldn’t you be on your best behaviour having being woken up at midnight to a stranger now) and he offered to lend me shelter in his godown with the caveat of keep one eye open for critters and creepy crawlies that come visiting (he was referring to the garden snakes that might have jostled me and eventually nestled up in my sleeping bag)

Just like the Stones all I could think of with sigh of relief was the humming of the soundtrack Gimme Shelter and pray that I woke up without unexpected company. 

And viola I see this early in the morning. I mean gobsmacked would be an understatement. I never wanted to leave. Right next to the temple -pristine clear drinkable water and the serenity of an undiscovered Shangri-la. 

Thank you. Last night a Monk saved my life and we bonded like long lost life seekers over a cuppa chai (tea) in the morning. 

The little joys of travel. Your adventure awaits…what you waiting for?

Pic courtesy: Nolan Mascarenhas Photography


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