Bacon..A high-five for your mouth

Let’s start off with a riddle to ignite your grey cells.

Billy has 32 pieces of bacon. He eats 28.

What does he have now?

Happiness. Billy has Happiness!!! 

 Have you ever noticed that there’s no such thing as leftover bacon? There’s the intoxicating smell; that smoky, fatty, salty, porky-sweet flavor; the contrast of pliable, tender meat and shatteringly crisp edges. There are few foods as sensual and appealing as bacon. The mere smell of it can take you by the nose and lead you across to our very kitchen. 

After all, we can vault it with anything from eggs to chocolate to Brussels sprouts to new levels of deliciousness. Bacon is vivid and specific and entirely unlike anything else. 
We have experienced it in the ‘flesh’ (no pun intended) acting as a “gateway meat” to tempt vegetarians. So what makes our Route 66 Hickory smoked streaky bacon taste like it does? Perhaps the succulent cured pork belly, smoked and sliced thin. We are pretty ‘Porky’ about the way we cure and smoke our bacon in the attempt for the perfect flavor. 
 Before & After  
The first step in making bacon is curing it—that is, treating it with salt along with flavorings like black pepper or maple. Sugar is almost always added during this phase as well.
 Smoked to perfection.  
 Did you know? 

 In the days before refrigeration, curing was an essential step to extend the pork’s shelf-life for as long as possible by creating an environment unfriendly to bacterial growth.
Rules of Bacon:
1. There must always be bacon in the fridge. Always!!
2. There does not exist a food that doesn’t go well with Bacon
3. There are 2 kinds of people in this world. Those who love Bacon & those who will be used as fodder in the case of a zombie apocalypse
4. Crispy and Chewy are both acceptable ways to cook bacon. Thou shall not Discriminate
5. 90% of the world’s problems can be solved by cooking more bacon
6. Meals without bacon are not worth eating
7. Bacon gets you Laid.
Route 66 Hickory smoked streaky bacon  
So come this summer, get your chops on and head on over to sample some of the best cures and marinades with some mouthwatering delicious treats, asking for repeats. What’s more, if you wish to take some home for your next barbecue, were happy to oblige and sell you the same. On request of course. 
Oink out!

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