GOA Calling: A Homestay Guide 

Every once in a while a magnum opus project comes ones way. For me this was in the form of the latest trends of #homestays for #timesofindia for the season 2015-2016. 

It was an arduous task traversing the length and breadth of this fine state of ours to being to you the top 20 #homestays     across India. 

Lucky and honoured to have catalogued and compiled the Goa chapter for this fantastic initiative. 

The guide is is available at your leading  bookstores. So before you head on over for the season do check out the list. It’s a home away from home experience. 



Grab your copy today!! 

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Loretta says:

    I’ll pass this along to a friend/relative who will be visiting this month. I’d love to read it too, I wonder if my local library will have it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. nolansatwit says:

      I hope they do. Thanks much Loretta. God bless. Happy holidays.


  2. Loretta says:

    You’re welcome Nolan. You might get some extra publicity as I’ve just posted it on Brian’s wall, he lives in California. He knows your family quite well, including Natty. 🙂


    1. nolansatwit says:

      Thank you. Your too kind. Much appreciated.


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