Richter scale cupcakes 

Today was a good day. A peaceful day. A day when one just wishes to do nothing significant, nothing impactful, nothing earth moving or so I thought.  (let’s hold that thought till a little later in this post

Wash the bike, clean my room, stand in line to pay the bills, fill up gas, watch an odd movie and jump to the opportunity to baby sit a cutie pie from next door. My little bundle of joy- Anaaya, who happens to be my bestie’s niece. She’s my go to girl when I need a few shitz’n’giggles. And that’s saying a lot considering I’m mostly on the doleing end. A hop skip & jump had me head over to Anaaya’s place and we decided to bake some good ol fashioned cupcakes with aunt Ayesha at the helm. 

There is nothing like being schooled by a kiddo on the art of making a perfect cupcake. I was tempted to take Cupcake  June along to showcase my quota (without having to go through the process of baking it myself. Her name would suffice and carry me thru I suppose, but then that would be cheating now

So off went the three Musketeers to the kitchen in the quest of the perfect baked cupcake. Ayesha busy on the recipe book following it to the tee had time for Anaaya and I to goof around galore. (Evil smile) Moments later, I’m playing with gummy bears and smarties. Condiments to the final product but they created quite the battle of Gettysburg scenario dying for a good cause in Anaaya’s mouth. She devoured them and then some. I joined her too eventually. The temptation was too great and those bears had to die for a eventful cause. 

We played see-saw where Anaaya was a mountaineer climbing Everest (being my thighs) she almost squished my ‘family jewels’ at base camp though, an honest mistake, given I wore loose khakis and she never really knew where to tread on.  Ayesha as usual had a hearty laugh at my expense. Redefined the termed ‘cracking one up’ for the both of us, equally painful in minor respects or so I hope- what do you think? her lock jaw or my trap jaw. Which would be more painful?  I’ll leave you the be the judge of that. We created the Richter cupcake eventually in this fabulous video. Link:

You have to watch the professionalism of Anaaya playing horsey with me not having a tripod. A classic Hyperlapse for the ages. 

Much love my rockstar. Till we bake cupcakes again. 

P.S. How did they taste? Fantastic with a extra oodle of baking powder. That’s how. Booyah!!!! Baked out. 

Choco chip cupcakes   Pic courtesy: Nolan Mascarenhas Photography

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  1. Roman says:

    Hi, I read your blogs daily. Your humoristic style is awesome, keep
    it up!


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