The Devil is ‘always’ in the details

Flashback to another life – of stress, anxiety, corporate mayhem and looming deadlines that stretched 10-12 hours a day. I had a heckler of a boss (I’m guessing the Devil wears Prada was an apt description and inspiration of the persona), never content with anything on offer be it in the workspace or out. A task master. I was always constantly reminded of the devil being in the details and that stuck to me like flypaper through the remainder of my career as well as today. My girlfriend at the time, decided to introduce, a routine weekend body massage to ensure I was ready for the weeks action ahead. That grew on me and I got quite addicted especially to my home masseur who would religiously twist,turn,bend and rejuvenate my senses every weekend- for the madness at work that lay ahead of me. I even indulged in a few overseas sessions whenever i travelled henceforth.

It was great news to hear of Warren Tricomi setting up shop in Goa at the Grand Mercure Shrem Goa Resort in Candolim. Now you maybe thinking- Goa, may already be a place filled with relaxing atmospheres and inviting spas. However with Warren Tricomi, it is more than a place to get stress free and beautiful. It’s an international experience encapsulated in a natural holistic ambience.

I was invited to experience one of their body massage packages- The Signature serene massage what was described by Dr.Sajith Chand, the Spa manager – as a calming & healing body massage, aimed to promote relaxation and release physical and mental tensions by soothing the nervous system. (Yes, I get nervous at new places. I guess he sensed it and suggested the same accordingly). After checking on the usage of oils (I’m a worry wart and i have sampled some oils overseas which have had allergic reactions to my skin), I was rest assured of Jasmine and Mogra being used to restore circulation and bring tranquility to the mind in the process restoring my bodies rebalance. To ensure that guests receive Earth’s finest offerings, the spa in Goa uses products by Forest Essentials, an authentic skincare brand that uses holistic, natural and wholesome ingredients sourced by intensive research to bring together a wide range of handmade, organic products for every therapy.

This is the place that introduces you to a form of yourself you’ve never known before, through the enmeshing of traditional and modern techniques with contemporary luxury and nearby, not to forget the azure pool laps calmly only a furlong from the entrance of the spa, while the treatment rooms find themselves tucked away among palm fronds and fresh leaves. Kinda left me in quite the conundrum indeed- which to sample first?

My masseuse for the evening was attentive at my beck and call. Be it asking the duration of my steam (5 or 10 mins) to a small bottle of water given post (to rehydrate), to the warmth of the water and the pressure exerted on my body with every rub. I enrolled for the 60 minute massage which had me steamed first, feet rubbed & massaged then washed with herb infused water to a nice cup of hot herb mint tea- I was in seventh heaven. I was asked about the temperature of the room to the music selection and even the lighting, if they were to my satisfaction. Adjustments (if any) were made promptly. The last time I felt this waited upon was for an international conference overseas where I was given the Royal Butler treatment. And yes his name was Alfred (not by design), so I was quite chuffed. Mr Wayne indeed.

Detailing to the smallest degree to ensure my experience was to my liking and ease.

The Reception AreaWT Goa (4)

About the spa:

Warren Tricomi salons are gems born of a business union between master colorist Joel Warren and master stylist Edward Tricomi, both unrivaled in their particular fields. Their insistence on expertise, technique and quality filters to every Warren Tricomi Salon and Spa in the world, with Goa being no exception. International and national locations follow the same high standards of unmatched customer service and top quality offerings. In Goa, Warren Tricomi runs one of the biggest spas in the state, stretching over 20,000 square feet with services extending from wellness to beauty. Built using treated wood and spruced with tasteful antique décor that diffuse a certain sense of warmth throughout, the spa feels very interactive with the outdoors with open-to-nature walkways, decks and patios.

The seven individual and single couple treatment rooms are reminiscent of Balinese cottages hidden away among tropical rainforest foliage. Some individual rooms can be joined together to create couple rooms if the situation so requires. Each is spacious, air-conditioned and contains an en-suite bathroom, changing room and outdoor showers. Even the soothing music in each room is adjusted to the guest’s tastes, and staff are very sensitive to needs and requests. The main couple’s room has a Jacuzzi and private outdoor relaxation area that takes the spa experience to whole new level of ‘laidback’.

Balinese styled cottagesWT Goa (2)

This isn’t all there is to offer. The spa hosts Goa’s only couple’s hammam ritual room, a luxurious treatment inspired by ancient holistic Turkish traditions. Muted lighting highlights the heated stone hammam tables, offering guests an exclusive experience like no other. The Signature Hammam Ritual is an exclusive intimate retreat involving a soothing scrub on the heated bed, a relaxing massage, a nourishing wrap and the gentle wash of a Vichy shower easing away all negativity and stress. This is something I eagerly look forward too on my next visit.

Till the next time, here’s signing off for my next adventure.

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