A Fish in the Bay

Living in a place that’s synonymous with fish, it’s hard to outdo oneself. Every second restaurant in and around Goa serves some lip smacking seafare and each have their own signatures attached. Another thing that strikes me is the consumption of fish near the sea. Ever wonder the irony of it. But one can always fall in love with the tranquility and solitude Bay 15 has to offer. A property with a view indeed. 

This evening was a delight at the hands of Chef Mir Hafizur Raheman the executive chef of this fine establishment. Under new management of the Justa group, i was told there was something new in store. With the thrashing melodious sound of the waves against the rocks with the pale moonlight we were in for a 5 course treat. 

Mediterranean cuisine is hard to dish out in this fair state with many plying their wares and trades with pomp and gusto. It’s a Herculean task to get something out that wow’s the eyes even before you dig into that first succulent bite. Everyone is doing it. What makes one different? When asked -Chef Raheman, a rather quiet character with his elf impish like smile said it all with his carefully crafted Tandoori Marinated Red Snapper. 

Let me assure you eating with ones eyes was the brief for the evening. I was overjoyed as how I normally am when I visit the Harley Davidson showroom and this was a first as far as food plating goes. Carefully and sinfully plated, it played and toyed with you to dig in instantly like a knee jerk reaction. Every single fiber in ones hand had to refrain from tugging in to destroy each masterpiece. Chef Raheman  having learnt from some of the Michellin star chefs carefully sits with me and dissects his piece de resistance. 

The fish -fresh and the tandoori marinade was perfect. But what enthralled me was the condiments added to it, giving that extra zing. Served with eggplant caviar, a lace of katchumbar salad and potato sesame Tikki -it’s an aromatic play date of an Indian meeting a Mediterranean beauty from some exotic locale in a plate. What’s more, it’s beautifully inspired. 

The fish falls off the fork and is quite a task, as I stumble in front of a lovely date for company. Luckily the light was dim so I didn’t make a complete fool of myself. The Tikki though firm was succulent. And the eggplant caviar take a bow. I’m not a fan of aubergine by any stroke of imagination. However this took the cake quite literally (no pun intended on the way it was presented I assure you.) 

Tandoori marinated Red Snapper  Pic courtesy: Nolan Mascarenhas Photography 

While you sample this masterpiece might I suggest trying the Lamb chop Barrah a spicy Indian flavoured marinated lamb served with lentil khichdi minty pea purée and haricot. I haven’t forgotten all you sweet tooth lovers the Chocolate Chilli Baked Yogurt with Kurbani ka Meetha is something up your alley. 

The net is cast and I’m roped into the gastronomic visual delight on offer here. Kudos to the creativity of the Chef. 

Salut till I come again. 

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