Monday Blues Aboard the Royale? LOL 

I could have been a standup comedian- had I managed to remember my lines on stage amidst the constant glare of a beaming light (much like that of an interrogation room) shining right at me for the duration of the act. Alas, all said and done I decided to do the next best thing and be their muse sitting in the front row getting picked on like scavengers for morsels of scraps and enjoying every moment of it. 

A Mundane ‘Moanday’ is something many a folk associate with- even in the sunny state of Goa. Yes people actually work here! (much to others surprise) Back in Mumbai, I used to wait in anticipation for the weekend; apart from some R&R and the familiar bike cruise up and down marine drive and chowpatty at 2am in the morning I used to keep an eye for the theatre and standup acts that happen around the city. This is something Goa is sorely missing (don’t get me wrong we have our tiatrs and cultural festivals in splendour and pomp and quite the fan following but a good play or a classic standup is something far and few) and thanks to the folks @thedeltinlife, Deltin Royale has a classic line up of rib tickling slapstick in your face comedy acts that give you ‘lock jaw’ syndrome with the LOL Monday’s 

Now I know your all especially in Goa must be rolling your eyes in blasphemy with the mention of a casino here. Trust me it’s my second time aboard and I’ve had a wonderful experience so far. I had the privilege of being ‘placed’ on the front row seats to the jib of Sorabh Pant who had a field day at my expense till his eyes gazed upon the Marwadi ladies next to me who became his muse for the rest of the evening. From anecdotes ranging from politics to marriage it was a hilarious affair indeed. Angad Singh with his all so familiar Sardar twang got people in rollicking splits especially with his relationship advice of a newly committed gent. Yes i used the word ‘committed’ on prupose. Much like ones voluntary commitment to an hour with the Joker. 

Imagine a floating world where you stand a chance to win an IPhone 6 every hour, treat yourself to some amazing chaat while your at it and be entertained ever so with free alcohol to make the non comic a believer of that effervescent pearly white smile. It’s a win win for all. Please put your laughing ‘pant’s on. (No pun intended Sohrab.)

With season one coming to an end I am looking forward with gusto to Season two. 

Standup and head there peeps.

 It’s something you don’t want to miss. 

Season One Finale Lineup   Pic courtesy: Nolan Mascarenhas Photography 

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