Here’s a flashback scenario of a traffic signal back in L.A. Yes the city of angels and over sized cars. There i was in a friends Saab and over at the side comes this monster of a Hummer growling and grunting waiting for the lights to go green. It made me feel 3 inches tall not to mention be a comfortable spectator for the grit and grim below the chassis (oh wait he missed a spot of dirt- my mind jumped with envious glee) 

Fast forward a decade later and here we are in a tuk-tuk. A three wheeler with the engine of a gearless moped (public transport widely used in India) and at a signal stop on the highway intersection this rolls in. Need I say more? 

Guess the Hummer would have to settle for second best!! 😉 

Pic courtesy: Nolan Mascarenhas Photography 

In God's Own Country
In God’s Own Country

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