How goes the holidays? l’m currently enjoying mine with an overdose of sweet offerings, alongside a can of NestlĂ© MILKMAID for that extra zing. How are you celebrating your holidays? Do share some interesting recipes using NestlĂ© MILKMAID and stand a chance to win BIG! 2 lucky winners will stand a chance to win Vouchers…

Goa Garnishes in the New Year

2020 indeed, has been the Year of the Rat. While we scurried away to safety in the comfort of our home- The Rise of the Home Chef took prominence with many restaurants having to shut shop due to the pandemic. 2020 bounced back a little, with restaurants opening up while patrons thronged them with support….

Khordad Sal Mubarak!

Still reeling over a celebratory Birthday weekend of Gods and Prophets. While many of us celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi with scrumptious fare and delicacies, our Parsi brethren celebrated Khordad Sal; the birthday of their ancient spiritual leader- Zoroaster also known as Zarathustra. He is credited to being the founder of what we now know as Zoroastrianism….

Eat & Drink the World Lonely Planet e-edition May 2020

Excerpt with Interview with LMPI (Goa’s Food Finds) How did you come to be a Food Influencer? Growing up in a family related to hospitality, deterred me from the food industry earlier. It was during my stint at Corporate where I started entertaining clients and prospects ever so often and the allure of a well…