You want a Maserati?…you better work,work!!

Yes I work. I blog. I ride. I travel. Not to be confused with one another. And, on days like these, I’m in the hustle and bustle of Mumbai city for yet another client meeting. It’s funny, how at societal do’s, folk greet and raise the age old question, ‘You blog for a living? While a part of me would like to say, ‘Yes! If only it were that easy’- I would. However, the love for showcasing travel continues and will always continue to do so. 

So yes, I find myself at the broad end of the spectrum in the midst of Ghatkopar for a client meeting. I was put up at The ROA– a three star business property close to the Metro line (which I took and loved every minute of it) on the way here. I am told it means ‘The King’ in Greek. So here is hoping for the Royal treatment at play. 

I love Mumbai. I start my journey in an airport chauffeur driven Range Rover Sport and in the blink of an eye commute with the common man mode of transport, all on the very same day. It’s enriching and grounding. A city that has something for everyone. 

The Executive Room    Pic courtesy: Nolan Mascarenhas Photography

A business hotel has a different mindset and yearning for a customer who wants the basics with a touch of panache. After all the target audience is demanding in a different sort of way. The room is spacious, the staff friendly and over accommodating, the room service tight and my personal pet peeve- the bathroom is a dream. What’s more I am guided to a series of instructions on my way to the room as well as given the most important amenity for my stay here- an unlimited supply of fiber optic high speed,Wi-fi. 

I check in. I power nap in time for lunch and mr. NObody, ever so curious, glances through the menu. The restaurant is bustling due to a wedding party to cater too. I use this opportunity to order in. The room service is prompt and the food scrumptious. A vegetarian and non vegetarian starter is suggested. The Day & Knight Kofta (the image at the beginning of the article) is well presented and quite artsy in approach. And the servings are plenty. Easily serves two. It is a must try. 

I am requested to try the Murgh Malai seekh- I am apprehensive at first considering this dish has fallen flat on many counts from established cuisine oriented standalones to star properties- my experiences of course. I am urged to the extent of having it made complimentary if not to my satisfaction. I love it when Chefs are so confident, especially when they know their craft.
One morsel and I am in seventh heaven. Succulent, fresh and how!! It was a perfect blend of texture and spice with the viscosity of a creamy malai. 
I later find out the owners are known for their love of food- the Ghuraa’s and carefully monitor their menu on a daily basis. Kudos!! 

 Murgh Malai Seekh Pic courtesy: Nolan Mascarenhas Photography 

I top off my well balanced meal (vegetarian & non vegetarian) with a Warm Chocolate Brownie-in its rudimentary form. It’s a hot selling favourite and I am lucky to have the last one for the moment before the next batch is baked. Flavaa- is their inhouse restaurant and gets a lot of walk-ins for their coffee and brownies from the local folk around. It’s very art decor and subtle. And now I know why. Thank you Chef for the well recommended meals. 

All in all a restful and productive stay. Off to my meeting in a bit. 

As Britney put it – ‘You want a Maserati…you better work work.‘ 

All images are shot on an Iphone6. 

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