Margaritas for U -two? 

I’m philosophical and currently donning my Sherlock Holmes hat. (Yes I have one of those.) So here’s a tale for you. A commonly accepted origin story of the birth of Margarita (not from Aldona- I refer to the drink here) is its invention in 1941, at Hussong’s Cantina in Ensenada, Mexico, by a bartender Don Carlos Orozco. It all started one dusty tumbleweed afternoon, Margarita Henkel, the daughter of the then German ambassador visited the cantina and Don Carlos who had been experimenting with drinks offered her one. (Smooth operator indeed.)

The cocktail consisted of equal parts of tequila, Mexican orange liqueur called Controy (aka Naranja in the USofA), and lime, shaken and served over ice in a salt-rimmed glass. As she was the first to try the drink, Don Carlos decided to name it after her and the “Margarita” was born. 

Over the years this cocktail has morphed since inception and construct, consisting of tequila, triple sec (such as Cointreau) and lime or lemon juice, often served with salt on the rim of the glass. There are multiple ways of having it -served shaken with ice (on the rocks), blended with ice (frozen margarita), or without ice (straight up). (Ice ice baby)

 The gentle and highly sprited folk at Fishermans Wharf (Margarita Lounge) thought of adding their own blend to this classic on a hot day in Goa sans the tumbleweed. Deciding to play scientist and infuse a melon and pomegranate twist of heady delight this was one offering for the books. The fresh tinge of sweet melon aching to be tasted over the dominant twist of lime makes for a oral sensational delight just the bitter sweet way lovers fight. The kiss and make up tale could evidently follow by the aftertaste of the pomegranate blend which accompanies the poppers ordered as sides. 

Mind your palate for the extremity of a potential brain freeze with the margarita not to mention the pit hell molten cheese oozing out of poppers that could burn your lips. It’s hard but do give it a try. 

And if your in the mood to play some drinking games try this with a companion. It’s efficiently classified and detrimental to your sanity and state of mind. I learnt it the hard way in Mexico. Must be done in chorus between buddies.

Arriba, Abajo, al centro y pa’dentro” 

Simply translated as “put your glass up, glass down, glass in the middle, chug” 

Salud to your health Amigos. 

Pic courtesy: Nolan Mascarenhas Photography  


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