A shot down Memory lane 

My first tryst with this magnificent beast (at that time a cub of course) was from an open 4×4. The feeling is rather indescribable when you see this majestic predator descent 100 feet in front of you from the mountain tops. 

Noctorunal by nature we waited patiently for him to descend as the last hints of light were fast dimming thus having to make split second corrective changes to my camera settings. Blurred lines was NOT an option. 

Ill equipped with the basic equipment (no zoom lens/ tripod) I prayed to the heavens to guide my hands a steady. And Voila. Just like magic quite near the feeling of falling in love the first time -your heart skips a beat (mine stopped literally) you perspire frantically, your dumbfounded and fall on words to your rescue but they seldom heed your call. 

All in all Wonderwall…. 

Pic courtesy: Nolan Mascarenhas Photography 


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