Locked & Loaded 

I find myself in familiar territory in the lanes of Bandra and am taken to this quaint little dessert bistro- Loaded, an amalgamation of an eclectic mix of a variety of things, thanks to the ever imaginative thoughts of its creator and owner Tripti Singh- an affable and almost instantly loveable soul.

The first thing that stands out about the persona of Loaded is –good things do come in small packages. That being said with Tripti at the helm, it’s quite the loaded affair. The essence behind the name was genuine and heartfelt in conversation with Tripti. Mumbai is definitely NOT cheap and the parallel equation of quantity to price is normally quite skewed across the city. Some serving a lot less for a lot more. Tripti wanted her clientele to enter hungry and leave consumed and satisfied. The pricing is a guffaw especially for the  quantity served in my honest opinion.

I was told of her famous –Red velvet crepe with chocolate brownie which does make the cut to be mentioned on my blog- it’s an instant crowd favorite and oozes with decadence. However I left myself entirely to the dessert madness that engulfs Tripti’s mind and her insistence of having to try her recommendation- the Kitkat Brownie Sandwich with chocolate ganache.
Before I head on to describe this orgasmic monster- a simple ‘thank you’ to the lady who stood her ground and was adamant we try the same. As they say, never argue with the chef as chef knows best. Mind you the image showcased is only ‘half’ a portion and that was enough to send me into a sugar rush and food coma instantaneously.

The sandwich satiated the appetites of my fellow foodies Shveta @hoppingfoodie and Ayesha @ayeshabarretto, who I personally carted from Goa to help me consume this madness. Thank you both for the help. X

Deconstructed, it’s as simple as something one could make in their kitchen at home. It’s an orgy of bread, loads of Kitkat, gooey chocolate brownie with hints of ganache and caramel -toasted. Salivating yet?

The Red velvet crepe with chocolate brownie and white chocolate shavings is an instant hit in Mumbai and with good reason. Ticks off all the boxes in terms of uniqueness, creativity and taste construct. It’s got perfect texture and is hysterically balanced to let your senses fight for taste when consumed and is served with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

Red Velvet crepe with chocolate brownie   Pic courtesy: Nolan Mascarenhas Photography 

We entered with an appetite for a meal and tucked in the corner of the menu is Tripti’s famous and overshadowed Mac n Cheese pasta. Try it before you indulge yourself into ‘dessert madness’.

Reveal in the maniacal world of desserts and leave Loaded. Over and out.

Poco Loco with mi Churro 

Anyone heard the latest song by Prince Royce feat Pitbull- “Back it up?”, I’d suggest you all do when you read this post especially while I dig into this sinful Churro at San Churros in Bandra. 

Before my avatar in a galaxy and time zone far away, this used to be my midnight haunt especially post a strenuous workout (yes it makes no sense, however when looked at from my perspective, was a calorie nullifer to counter my sweet tooth cravings. Simple math, though i sucked at it BIG time in school- run like a mad man on the treadmill to burn a measly 350 calories only to gain it with this sinful concoction at midnight). Hence the name ‘loco‘ made perfect sense. 

mr. NObody along with a dear friend and foodie from Mumbai decided to troll the old haunts once again (nostalgia kicking in). The Churros were just as I left them. All crunch with that extra dose of sugar powder sprinkled over and heady milk chocolate dip- sinful and consistent. 

For those who didn’t know -Churros were invented by Spanish monks (god bless them) and its part of the extended donut familia. Well,anything remotely close from that is always welcome in my books. 

Savour this with a small yet heady concoction- Macchiato and its something to give one that instant sugar rush to boost ones night. 

And for the musically inclined, the song would have ended by now. Get the drift “papichulo”. 

 Churro Poco with Macchiato  

Pic courtesy: Nolan Mascarenhas Photography